Wellness Retreats

Villa Serena welcomes organizations, companies, practices, and studios in search of the perfect retreat venue for their annual gatherings or wellness retreats. Our serene hotel, nestled in the heart of the Caribbean, Dominican Republic, offers a breathtaking setting and dedicated service for a rejuvenating experience.

Discover the Ultimate Yoga and Aerial Yoga Retreat Venue

Our retreat place is not just a hotel; it’s a sanctuary for relaxation and transformation. Yoga and Aerial yoga enthusiasts will find our yoga facilities an idyllic setup: right on the ocean, surrounded by a tropical garden, with bay vistas and the lulling sound of the waves. Our experienced Retreat Coordinator is dedicated full-time to the needs of the yoga retreat leaders and participants.

The Perfect Retreat Hotel for Your Specific Needs

Whether you are planning a wellness retreat, team-building sessions, or business meetings, Villa Serena provides an ideal space. Our retreat hotel is designed to facilitate growth, communication, and positive transformation in a tranquil environment. Set apart from the hustle and bustle of touristic and urbanized areas on three acres of lush vegetation and with a small beach of its own, the hotel is an ideal setting for groups who need privacy, quietude, and individualized service.

Unleash the Power of Retreats for Growth

Retreats at Villa Serena offer more than just relaxation; they are a catalyst for improved communication, understanding, and team collaboration. Engage in numerous joint activities and healthy sports that promote team building, fostering a sense of community among participants. Enrich your meetings with outdoor activities that create lasting bonds. The hotel staff is happy to organize boat and horseback riding excursions, sightseeing, hikes along the coast or inland, and many adventurous activities depending on the level of engagement and challenge your group desires. We also have a long-standing tradition of organizing activities that engage with the local community to promote social equity and environmental sustainability, as well as intercultural communication and understanding.

Customizable Retreats Tailored to Your Goals

Choose Villa Serena as your retreat venue, and you have the flexibility to bring in your own coaches, leaders, and experts. Alternatively, benefit from our experienced retreat leaders specializing in yoga, meditation, wellness practices, communication, and team-building workshops.

Elevate your retreat experience at Villa Serena — where a change of pace meets a change of heart.

For special packages and group rates, contact us at angelina@villaserena.com


Natasha Despotovic

Is an entrepreneur, international development professional, homeopath and yoga teacher. She resides between the city of Washington in the United States, where she runs a non-profit organization, offers homeopathy medical services and teaches yoga...

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Bill Dennis, M. Ed.

Facilitates Interdisciplinary groups of independent clinicians wanting to form Collaborative teams. He founded Metro Collaborative and Practice Success after many major projects in integrative healthcare as well as Intensive Internships...

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Marina Vesanovic-Dvornik

Born and raised on the coast, passionate about the sea and customer service, Marina is a Zumba and yoga instructor with eleven and six years of experience respectively. After graduating from Hotel Management in Croatia...

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Angelina Rodau

Angelina grew up with a strong urge to explore from a young age. At 18, driven by curiosity, she embarked on a year-long adventure in Australia during her final years of high school. After immersing herself in the diverse cultures of Asia...

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Your private retreat at Hotel Villa Serena

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