Innovative Caribbean Cuisine

An elegant and romantic space, facing the ocean, surrounded by lush tropical gardens. A sumptuous variety of dishes, fresh local ingredients, the catch of the day; zesty Caribbean flavors or delicate tasty surprises. Our friendly and attentive servers. Bon appétit!

Our Menu

Dominican Menu

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Authentic, traditional flavors with exotic local ingredients.  Chayote, manioc, sweet potato, tender goat meat, beans and rice you will never forget – delight in a new experience, feel at home in the Dominican Republic!

Flavors of the World

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A range of familiar international dishes; some with a little twist! When you feel like finding joy in your well-known comfort food.

Asia Meets the Caribbean

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Spices and sauces of Asia and the Caribbean have so much in common. But don’t take our word for it – try it yourself and feel your tastebuds tingle with joy!

Vegan Delights by Chef Abner Orta

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Are you vegan or would like to experience what a yummy vegan dish is like? You are in the right place! Allow us to surprise you with how apparently simple dishes shine in original presentations and complex flavors.

Art of Raw by Chef Darko Juric

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Fresh, crunchy, light and invigorating! Your body will thank you for the choices on this menu. A perfect way to get all the nutrients and all the fun of eating while feeling light in your body and mind. And then there is an unexpected discovery: raw desserts! So healthy and even tastier than the ones you are more used to.

Latin Rhapsody of Flavors

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The best of Latin American dishes, encompassing land and sea, spicy and mild, sweet, sour and salty. We’ll take you to several countries of the hemisphere in a few bites! Buen provecho!


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Our selection includes a variety of stylish pizzas for every taste.


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At Villa Serena we believe in a good start to the day; that’s why our breakfast is wholesome, varied, nutritious, prepared with fresh ingredients, and served with love!

Our buffet displays a range of hot beverages, accompanied by milk, almond or soy milk, lemon, honey, and different sweeteners. There is a variety of freshly squeezed fruit juices, according to the season. Our cooks prepare homemade fresh bread as well as coconut, ginger, or banana sweetbreads. Traditional toast (whole wheat and gluten-free options included) with homemade jams, pancakes, and French toast are some more options for your sweet tooth. If you prefer a savory breakfast, our menu features an array of egg dishes.

Vegans and vegetarians: options like chia pudding, oat porridge or nutrient-packed smoothies will delight you!



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Our restaurant offers a variety of delicious light dishes perfectly suited for a lunch by the pool or the oceanside.  Cold and warm soups, an array of salads from the well-known ones to the most exotic, all-time favorite pasta dishes, tacos, fish and chicken dishes loved by all – this is comfort food that will feed your body and soul!

Hopefully, there is still some room for a delicious dessert. Take a look at our Crepes menu!

A wonderful selection of nutritious raw vegan dishes awaits our vegan and vegetarian friends.

Have a great meal!


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Join us for a drink at our “Tiki bar”, a cozy and fun watering hole for our guests and occasional visitors, located by the pool, on the oceanfront, and surrounded by the lush tropical garden. Don’t forget to try out our swinging chairs, with a glass in hand or without – you choose the challenge!

A selection of classic cocktails and special mixers, a glass of wine or beer, a nutritious smoothie, or simply a fresh fruit juice – see what pleases your palate at the moment.

Take a look at our extensive Wine list and our Appetizers and tapas special menu.

Our bartenders will be happy to pamper you with their friendly and attentive service as they cater to your wishes.

Book direct with us for the best prices!