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Yoga and Wellness

Villa Serena’s peaceful and beautiful setting is the perfect environment for a yoga and wellness vacation.

The beautiful sights, humming of the birds, waves rolling against the shore, gentle breeze swaying the coconut trees, smell of exotic flowers, fresh whole food – our bodies, minds and souls receive an exquisite nourishment every day.

The hotel and the adjacent villa have spaces dedicated to yoga and wellness practice and can accommodate groups up to 40 people.

Daily yoga classes
Depending on the yoga instructor availability, Villa Serena offers daily yoga, meditation, pranayama and water yoga classes. Contact the hotel for more information on the program.

Yoga and Wellness Retreats by Villa Serena
Villa Serena offers yoga and wellness retreats led by its experienced yoga and wellness practitioners and retreat leaders several times a year.

Take Your Yoga and Wellness Retreat to Villa Serena
Villa Serena is delighted to host yoga and wellness retreats. We offer special rates and very favorable conditions for groups led and organized by yoga studios, wellness centers, yoga instructors, health professionals, and similar.

Being a small property staffed with dedicated and enthusiastic people, we are able to offer a very personalized service and accommodate requirements and wishes of each particular group. Contact us at:

Zumba Classes!

Zumba® is a Latin dance-fitness workout that fuses Latin music and dance moves into an exhilarating dance-fitness sensation! Zumba® exercise classes are ” fitness-parties ” that blend not only Latin music but also upbeat world rhythms and chart music with easy-to-follow choreography.

If you are a guest or someone who would like to give Zumba a try, feel free to join in. Our certified Zumba fitness instructor will be delighted to introduce you to new moves or take your zumba expertise to new levels!

Cost of the classes: on donation basis.

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  • Natasha Despotovic

  • Bill Dennis, M. Ed.

  • Nydia Laysa Stone

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