Reflect, Relax, Renew – A Healing Workshop for Physicians, Dentists, Therapists, Teachers and Healers, July 24 – 28, 2020 and November 6-10, 2020 – Villa Serena Hotel
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Reflect, Relax, Renew – A Healing Workshop for Physicians, Dentists, Therapists, Teachers and Healers, July 24 – 28, 2020 and November 6-10, 2020

Led and facilitated by Bill Dennis, M.Ed and Natasha Despotovic, C.C.H

 Support yourself with practical tools and completely decompress.

Work on yourself and/or your work with an experience of community, nature and physical connection.

Take time to let go of old patterns of reacting to stress and digital stuff

  • Meditate, walk, write, contemplate, move; then be still.
  • Share, or not.
  • Be in Nature Generate, rest, relax, renew and see differently
  • Focus on you, all of you.
  • Dare to lead, effectively and strategically
  • Envision a fresh Model
  • Interdisciplinary approaches
  • Work/Life balance as a natural & continuous state
  • Complementary and strategic partnerships
  • Enjoy Water Yoga, meditation and kayaking

Therapists and those in the helping professions can be very prone to ‘compassion fatigue’ because they are trained in the use of empathy and compassion and focus on other’s needs first. It is essential to take time and take care of yourself, more than once a year.

Bill Dennis, M. Ed.  Facilitates Interdisciplinary groups of independent clinics wanting to form Collaborative teams.   He founded Metro Collaborative and Practice Success after many major projects in integrative healthcare as well as Intensive Internships.   He practiced psychotherapy at The Center for Holistic Medicine in NYC and has facilitated and taught collaborative healthcare to dentists, physicians, and therapists in his private practice.  His publications, honors, projects, charities, positions, endorsements and testimonials from clients:

Natasha Despotovic is an executive director of an NGO in DC and New York and a successful homeopath.  She built Villa Serena 26 years ago.   She balances these three major, successful projects with grace and skill.   In her work, she integrates all classical and contemporary methods and approaches that have been proven successful and beneficial.   As a certified yoga teacher and a homeopath, she treats acute and chronic ailments, physical issues as well as mental challenges and emotional trauma: from injuries, aches, and pains, inflammatory and infectious diseases, to chronic conditions, addictions, depression, anxiety and other mental health issues.

Spouses/partners/family welcome.

Standard room double occupancy 945US$ P/P
Superior room double occupancy 1040US$ P/P

Standard room single occupancy 1100US$ P/P
Superior room single occupancy 1230US$ P/P

Luxury accommodation at the beautiful Villa Serena
Beautiful ocean view rooms with balcony
Tropical & freshly prepared meals
Raja Yoga, Water Yoga, Meditation
Avocado, ginger and chocolate special massages (1 massage per person)
Secluded beach hike

Not included:

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