Perfecting Positive Addictions: A Collaborative Retreat – Villa Serena Hotel
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Perfecting Positive Addictions: A Collaborative Retreat

May 2017
Hotel Villa Serena Las Galeras
Samaná, Dominican Republic

Our summer program supports the perfection of positive addictions for clarity, reinvention and rejuvenation for all participants; working on business and life simultaneously. As a collaborative workshop in Perfecting Positive Addictions we will examine how to support those habits that deepen your leadership skills and strengthen decision-making skills. Our foundation is self-care for resilience, flexibility and clarity. We will also host a similar program at Villa Serena in the early winter.

Working together, we’ll seek core conversations and practices that make a difference, while finding essential solutions on business, health care and strategic planning.

Away from daily restraints of urban and suburban life in a non-commercial area of the Idyllic Samana Peninsula, we will be undisturbed and able to explore the local beauty as well as the core values and habits of true success.

Topics include but are not limited to:

  • Integrating innovative health options into daily life
  • Working from “inside/out”
  • Transitioning options
  • Engaging models of time management
  • Effective and strategic leadership skills
  • Methods for business plans and visioning
  • Interdisciplinary approaches to your discipline
  • Work/Life balance
  • Complementary, strategic partnerships

Our daily care schedule includes options for:

  • Yoga, water yoga, meditation and strategic discussion
  • Instruction in systematic relaxation and breathing
  • Zumba, hiking, snorkeling, bicycling
  • Available on demand: massage, horseback riding, scuba diving and boat excursions

The goal: to generate a health care practice for the future with the clarity that comes easily with sun, pristine air, breathtaking beaches and delicious gourmet cuisine.

Meals are included in the program.
Various options on rooms, self-care packages.

Spouses/partners/family welcome.
Please email for details.