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Every Day Magick – January 28th thru February 2nd, 2024

Are You Ready to Come Home to Yourself?

There’s a lot going on right now.  YOU have a lot going on right now.  The hamster wheel doesn’t stop, yet you know that getting off for a while is vital to your health and well-being.  And while a vacation would be nice, you’re looking for something that will feed your soul.  Something deeper than margaritas on the beach.  You’re seeking soul level work which includes both self-care and community building.

Many times, our deepest wounds are created by other women.  And when we isolate, it might keep us safe, but it also keeps us alone and stuck.  Hence, why creating a community of women who collaborate and support rather than compete can be our greatest healer.

There are still things to learn.  Broken things that need mending. Hidden things that need telling.  You are their steward now. – The Last of the Moon Girls

Welcome to Every Day Magick, a spiritual and wellness retreat hosted in the beautiful foothills of Samana, Dominican Republic at Villa Serena.  We’ll come together in circle with other women for self-care, community, and healing.  Our days will consist of sacred discussion, journaling, ritual, yoga, excursions, meditation, and most importantly, relaxation.  Moments away from the ocean in a quiet isolated retreat, you’ll be able to unplug, unwind, and recharge.  You’ll not merely fill your cup, but recalibrate, taking home a clear focus for how to start anew.

Our five days and six nights will be technology free.  Our intention is to create a safe, healing space, allowing you to connect with yourself, build a healing community, and leave with tools to tap into the divine energy of the Universe.  You’ll leave connected, with concrete steps to take action in reclaiming your time, setting much needed boundaries, and leaning on those in circle who long to support you.

What are you waiting for?  This is your invitation.  Join us.



Is this a yoga retreat?
While we will be practicing yoga daily, this retreat is designed to go deeper than the physical practice of yoga.  We’ll dive into spiritual lessons designed to create a healing space and community. This will allow for you to recharge, refocus, and provide a greater understanding of yourself and your purpose on the planet.

One thing we’re committed to doing is empowering you to recreate the calm and centeredness that we cultivate together once you’re home.  There’s nothing worse than coming home with a deep inner peace, only to have your phone start going off the second your plane lands, feeling like a snowball in hell, with no alternative other than to melt back into your old life.

Is alcohol allowed?  I want to enjoy myself.
It’s not forbidden, but it’s not encouraged either.  Every Day Magick is for you to connect with yourself.  While alcohol can take the edge off, it can also mask the intense and necessary emotions that arise while processing your fears and desires.  Therefore, alcohol for masking is not allowed.  If you’d like to enjoy a drink with new friend, by all means.

Illegal drugs of any kind will not be tolerated and will result in immediate dismissal from the retreat without a refund. Please remember we are in a foreign country and subject to their laws and punishment.

Can I bring my family?
We create a sacred, immersive space with the great intention of allowing you to unplug and focus solely on yourself for six days and five nights.  Your family is welcome to join you after the retreat, but having family present during the experience will disrupt the intention of the retreat for yourself and the other guests.

Is this retreat only for women?
Our goal is to create a safe, healing space dedicated to self-care and community building.  While our work appeals mainly to women, we welcome anyone who shares those objectives and do not discriminate based on gender identification.

Is this a religious retreat?
No.  Religion is the ritual that humans created – good or bad – to create a deeper connection with the divine.  We encourage you to connect to the Universe directly through whatever path resonates with you.  Many paths, all welcome.  One destination.

I like saying “All Lives Matter.”  Can I come?
We believe that Black Lives Matter.  In order to create the safe, inclusive environment necessary for healing, we only permit individuals dedicated to the inclusion of others. We welcome those interested in building community for all individuals.

How many women are coming?
We have space for 13 women.  And yes, the number is intentional.


Next Steps

In order to ensure a safe and welcome space for all, please complete the application found here.  We will be interviewing individuals.  Your space will be secured once your interview is completed and your non-refundable deposit is made.

Additional questions?  Contact Kristen or Angie.


Kristen and Angie

Why a technology-free emersion retreat?  Because we know it works!  In fact, it’s how we met and started the work we do now.

This retreat is created to be a game changer.  It is an investment of time, money, and energy, but if you decide to join us and go all in, we guarantee you will be transformed: with a new perspective, shifts to implement, and sister-friends for life.

We know first hand how life-changing time away with no distractions and supportive sisters can be.  We cannot wait to share this with you!



Angie Andrews is the owner and chief magic maker at AngieAndrewsInspire.  She is an energy worker, truth teller and soul doula.  Her passion is supporting women in birthing the next version of themselves by connecting with their deeper voice and intution.  Allowing them to feel more joy, ease and beauty in their lives.  Angie can be found at



Kristen is the founder of Work. Like a Girl, a career and executive coaching firm focused on empowering women and those traditionally marginalized from the executive suite to align with their strengthens, and articulate their value.  She is a former attorney, and an expert in gender bias. Her eclectic background includes careers as a lawyer, political aide, professor, tech executive, personal trainer, and yoga teacher.  She likes to play in the space where logic and emotion meet.  Learn more about her work at


Sample Day:

8:00AM – Yoga
9:00AM – Ritual: card pulling and setting intentions for the day
9:30AM – Breakfast
11:15AM – Session and Discussion
1:30PM – Lunch
3:30PM – Action Adventure or Implementation Workshop
6:00PM – Dinner

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