A Journey of Healing & Transformation @ Villa Serena – Villa Serena Hotel
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A Journey of Healing & Transformation @ Villa Serena

What would it feel to live life to our greatest potential?

Join Us for a unique experience in personal transformation. Our three 4-NIGHT/4-DAY EDUCATION RETREATS are designed to make you self-reliant and self-confident as you experience growth on all levels.

You will learn:

  • How to get started with raw foods
  • Benefits of raw and living food diet
  • Hands-on raw food preparation classes
  • Foods to promote healing and cleansing

You will feast:

  • Decadent raw vegan desserts
  • Raw vegan soups and salads
  • Nourishing cold-pressed fresh juices
  • Gourmet raw vegan breakfast, lunch, and dinner

Take one, a combination of two classes, or all of them as each program is geared for anyone who is committed to following the path of transformation to healthier lifestyle and quality of living.

ANA GLAVAS is an author, certified plant-based food chef, wellness coach, holistic life style educator and fitness enthusiast. She offers Raw Food and Detox Courses to help people learn how to make delicious, healthy food at home and/or for business while providing guidance to students who wish to start their own small business in the wellness and natural product categories. She studied nutrition and plant-base food preparation with Darko Jurić. Ana overseas all the operations of”art of raw” hospitality division which includes several raw food restaurants.

DARKO JURIC is an internationally renowned food chef and co-founder of “art of raw” brand, a concept that unites products, coaching, and retreat based on the understanding of nature and a sustainable, holistic way of life. It moves the boundaries of raw foods by discovering a new combination of foods and their actions for the benefit of man. As a health adviser with over 20 years of practice, Darko worked with Van Beveren (biochemist), Wiiliam Block (physician), Robert Sorge (naturopat), Alan Magazine (osteopath), Beth Rotondo (homeopath), and Josephom Gitto (chiropractor).

A workshop and demonstration of a wide variety of recipes that are, not only pulsing with life, but are also feasts for the eyes. We will take on an EXPLORATION of exotic flavors that will TRIGGER all your five senses.
Every Fri, Sat, Sun & Mon starting DEC 8th, 2017

A movement from an old to a new and better pattern of organization. This program will use various techniques designed to remove the residues and preoccupations from our past that keep us wedded to it.
Every other weekend (Fri, Sat, Sun & MON) starting Dec 15TH, 2017

Solving a weight problem involves working on the major aspects of the problem – nutrition, exercise, self-awareness, will-power, and attitude to maintain permanent and desirable weight. You will leave with a comprehensive holistic health evaluation and customized program and dietary recommendations.
Alternate weeks starting Dec 4Th, 2017

Each Retreat Package Includes:

  • Luxury ACCOMMODATIONS with wifi access*
  • ALL meals excluding beverages and alcohol
  • Snorkeling equipment, kayaks, paddle board & bikes
  • Activities & fitness**
    • 1 Group dinner with Darko Juric and Ana Glavas
    • 1 acupuncture session
    • Yoga or Tai chi session
    • Walking or running sessions

WhatsApp: 1+849.862.8931