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Humpback Whale Watching Season Is at Its Best in Samana!



Did you know that all humpback whales of the North Atlantic are Dominicans, born in Samana? Yes, they are.

Beautiful, impressive and gentle humpback whales mate and calve in Samana Bay from mid January till mid March. Whale watching tours in the area offer a unique opportunity to see incredible displays of whales’ courting behavior, as well as exhibitions of tender motherly love towards the new born calves.

Samana bay is one of the world’s top ten destinations for humpback whale watching in a safe and respectful manner. The town even organizes a Whale Festival every year that is starting to gain in popularity and attraction.

Each whale watching trip is almost a guaranteed success in viewing the whales’ repertoire of behaviors ranging from males’ acrobatic competition for a female, a single male’s haunting pursuit of a mate or a whale mother’s gentle education displays to a newly arrived calf.

Seeing these amazing creatures live, often at an arm’s length, has changed the lives of many people: let it touch your heart and enrich your way of seeing the world!

Come, see for yourself and enjoy it right now! Or secure your room and flight now for the next year!

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